Preview from The Librarian

A Tale of Retribution
Once upon a time, a shy young girl was walking through a dark and gloomy forest when she was captured by six evil trolls. The girl begged them to let her go, explaining that she was just a poor librarian on her way to visit her ailing father, but the trolls took her to their cave and did cruel things to her. Later, they locked her in a terrible dungeon so she couldn’t tell anyone what they had done.
Eventually, the poor girl was set free only to find her father had died and her home was gone. She was very sad. She wished she could punish the evil trolls but she was poor and weak, and there was nothing she could do.
Then, by chance, she met a wizard and discovered some magical powers with which to destroy the trolls. First, she found the wicked dwarf who had helped the trolls and hung him in the basement of his castle. Then, one by one, she slew the evil trolls, making sure they all died a horrible death. When the trolls were all dead, the librarian felt whole again. They had broken something inside her, but now it was restored.
– The Librarian